Meet the Staff

Name:  c00p3r

Founder and Co-Host of DMP

Bio:  c00p3r has a background in varied tech support roles which have provided him experience in Linux, Mac and Windows environments. His own entry to the ‘cyborg’ Biohacker culture was recent, augmenting his body with both NFC and RFID chips through ‘Dangerous Things’ products which were available at the BodyHack Con in Austin, TX this past January. He has also added to his collection with a flexNT while at DEFCON in August of 2016. While in Vegas he spoke at the Biohack Village and BSides Las Vegas 2016 with a talk entitled,”Biohacking from a Noob Perspective.”

Name:  Cur50r

Co-Host DMP Bio-Hacking Focused

Bio:  Cur5or is a software engineering graduate from London, UK currently completing my masters in RFID security and cryptanalysis. He is also a proficient programmer, and it is this union with biohacking which has sparked his interest in creating technology that can advance the capabilities of everyday life. Cur5or got involved in biohacking after seeing Amal from Dangerous Things on a Ted talk, since then he has worked on several projects both individually, with DT and Biohackers-UK.

Name:  Damien

Co-Host DMP Bio-Hacking Focused

Bio:  Damien is currently working as an IT Specialist in Surrey having just left a job in Leicester Square. He has been doing IT since his teens, his interest in NFC and RFID is what can be done with this technology and how to build implants. He has worked on projects for several companies and in private for DT and Biohackers UK. Damien started grinding after a bet at work when a co-worker placed their pass in the back of the phone, claiming they had cloned the pass to their phone. He played along, but wanted to find a better way, he found Dangerous Things and ordered the xNTi.

Name: SciaticNerd

Co-Host DMP InfoSec Focused

Bio: Working in the field of Digital Identity since 2002, SciaticNerd seeks to clearly communicate complex ideas in a straightforward manner. He is actively involved in the San Antonio community, coordinating BSidesSATX, attending and contributing to SAHA and other local groups, volunteering for Audio-Visual and other duties at several conferences, and diligently working to promote involvement with computing, security, and technology.

Name: Pinky

Co-Host DMP InfoSec Focused

Bio: Pinky is currently working on her PhD in Information Technology studying intrusion detection systems. Pinky doesn’t know how to graduate, as she has been working on various degrees for as long as she can remember. She has a crippling weakness for competitions, such as the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) and Panoply. This has lead her to stay proficient in various Linux distros and maintaining an awareness for the latest security threats. Pinky has spoken at Bsides SATX, and at various academic conferences.

Name: Robespierre

Sound Engineer of DMP



Join us in conversation through IRC. freenode #dangerousminds